debately – fostering healthy discussions online


debately is a service concept to enrich online discussions by rethinking the commentary sections in online magazines.

debately is built to respond to the requirements of modern online discussions in order to prevent mis-
information, opinion isolation and hate speech. By educating users and raising awareness and adressing common problems. Basically, debately is a service that strives to take online discussions to another level, by bringing users of various kinds of platforms and online magazines together. Publishers also benefit in terms of a strong community helping to keep comment columns »clean« and increasing the quality of discussion content.

Cross platform user network
User profiles can be used for platforms of various websites and publishers. creating a global discussion network, which allows users to see a number of different perspectives on journalistic content and broaden their horizon to reflect on online news sources more critically.

User dashboard
A dashboard contains news and other users activities, also articles and postings they might find interesting. Users can follow each other cross-platform.

A strong community rates postings based on their quallity by up- and downvoting. So users become more responsible for their behaviour. Hereby the community becomes more in charge of the comment
columns content. This takes workload off moderators and administrators. and leads to moretransparency. Being a part of a strong community, to whom they can actively contribute, users will identify much more with the product they use. Other than they would if any authority takes over the administration completely.

debately appeals to users’ altruism and makes them feel to bei included and being able to contribute to a
higher purpose.

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